About us

Firm history

We are backed by 60 years of experience and a great number of customers, improving and learning every day.

Our knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit is derived from our firm’s founder, who is a true pioneer in the field of audits, not only at regional level, but also nationally, since the beginning of his activity dates back to the mid-fifties.

In our 60 years of experience, we have audited and continue to audit small, medium and large companies and important business groups located both in the national market and abroad.

Attending conferences, courses and seminars and organizing regular in-house update meetings provides and guarantees an ongoing program for all our professional staff.

With this solid background, our expertise within this area, the quality which our professionals provide and the deployment of  high-complex information systems, we ensure the attainment of the goals set with regard to the services rendered, in line with the highest standards of excellence.

Professional services

Our audits provide an independent, professional and objective overview in services such as:

-         Audit of individual and consolidated annual accounts, both statutory and voluntary;

-         Audit of interim financial statements;

-         Audit of non-profit organizations, foundations, associations, non-governmental organizations, etc.;

-         Other audit reports, such as:

  • For statutory requirements
  • Audit of subsidies
  • Management audit
  • Limited reviews on areas requested by our clients (Stock control; Debtors and creditors’ control…)
  • Efficiency analysis of internal control systems and monitoring processes
  • Specific reviews on risky areas

-      Agreed-upon procedures reports;

-      Assistance on capital market transactions. Due diligences;

… and many other services related to auditing.

As well as being an independent member of UHY, to enhance our capabilities we have established collaboration agreements with other companies, such as audit and consulting firms, with the purpose of supporting each other in our activities, allowing us to offer the partnership of professionals in some specific projects.